Fred Whittlesey formed Compensation Venture Group to leverage his 25 years of consulting and corporate compensation management experience in a portfolio of compensation advisory and data solutions centered around consulting to Boards of Directors and senior management teams to develop financially-oriented solutions to complex compensation issues.

Compensation Venture Group, founded in 2006, is a West Coast consulting firm with client concentrations in the West Coast innovation corridor of Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Orange County. CVG is a Washington Social Purpose and Certified B Corporation.  CVG’s Conscious Compensation® model supports a multi-stakeholder view of value creation.

CVG specializes in compensation strategy, director and executive compensation, equity-based compensation, and incentive design with a focus on entrepreneurial growth companies. We have adapted our mission and service model to focus on social impact companies along with mature sustainable companies in our client group. CVG is an investor in and advisor to Fledge LLC, the conscious company incubator.

We have proprietary models, tools and methodologies for peer group development, total compensation analysis, equity plan design, equity grant allocation, wealth accumulation modeling, and compensation governance.

Through our global network of alliances and partnerships we provide clients with the information, analysis, advice, and implementation support to optimize the return on investment in compensation programs. In addition to our roles with Fledge, our past and current venture investment relationships include Global Shares plc and

Our clients include Boards and executive teams of public and private companies, S corporations, LLCs, and foreign subsidiaries. We also provide expert witness and litigation support for civil litigation and regulatory matters.