Cannabis Compensation #3: Live

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I will be presenting at the Global Equity Organization (GEO) Americas Regional Conference on Tuesday, 22 October, in Huntington Beach (do I need to add “CA” to that?  No.)

I co-founded GEO in 1999 and at that time could not have imagined there would ever be a cannabis-related presentation at one of the conferences.  But here we are.

The topic is “Equity Compensation in the Cannabis Sector:  Silicon Valley on Steroids (or on something)“. It’s a controversial topic for a staid business group and I think it will be eye-opening (or eye-closing depending what they are on). I changed the listed title words “Executive” to “Equity” and “Industry” to “Sector” -come to my presentation to find out why.

Posting this on the day when the US House of Representatives passed H.R. 1595, the Safe Banking Act.  Sounds boring, doesn’t it? It passed by a 321-103 vote.  I bet those 103 never inhaled.

Why does this matter to equity compensation professionals?  If this act passes the Senate vote and is signed into law, cannabis companies in the US will be able to have bank accounts and brokerage accounts without fear of being accused by federal law enforcement of aiding and abetting trafficking in a Schedule 1 controlled substance. My understanding is that the Act would not provide similar protection to cannabis compensation consultants.

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