From MJBizDaily: 10 US marijuana CEOs get million dollar pay in 2020 as disclosure practices questioned

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In the article authored by Jeff Smith, reflecting extensive research of securities filings in the US and Canada cited my comments: Fred Whittlesey, a marijuana compensation expert and founder of the Seattle-based Compensation Venture Group, noted that he could write a “lengthy piece on all of the errors and incorrect disclosures in cannabis companies … there seems to be an … Read More

Conscious Compensation® Principles: Equitable, But Not Always Equal

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  This week, the White House posted “These Businesses Are Taking The Equal Pay Pledge” listing 28 companies that have done so. The blog post opens with, and some companies repeat, the misleading datapoint that “the typical woman working full-time all year in the United States earned only 79 percent of what the typical man earned working full-time all year.” One company, Glassdoor, … Read More

The Theology of Pay

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Compensation, as a news topic, has worked its way from the Business section to the Front Page (where there are still pages).  For example, the Seattle Times did its annual story on executive pay, in the Business section, but the Sunday front page (full disclosure, I was quoted) carried the headline “As pay raises increase for Northwest CEOs, so does income … Read More